Norman Steisel Examines Organic Waste Recycling

Norman Steisel contemplates organic waste recycling, and by definition, organic waste is anything that originates from plants or animals that is biodegradable or decomposable. With EnEssCo Strategies’ mission of taking advantage of opportunities in developing green businesses, it is working on creating biogas. In essence, biogas is any gas fuel ensuing from the decay and deterioration of organic matter. Therefore, biogas can be utilized for heating and cooling needs and power generation. Moreover, it can be channelled into the natural gas grid. The most common gases created are methane and carbon dioxide.

Organic waste recycling will benefit from EnEssCo Strategies, Inc.’s practical experience and knowledge in other important areas. The Company has in the past been used to develop and apply financial and strategic marketing plans for businesses in a broad spectrum of market sectors. These include advanced wireless voice & data technologies, supply chain management, outsourcing services, bio-tech, and waste water treatment.

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